Employee Privacy Notice

As a result of a revision of the Data Protection Act 1988, the new General Data Protection Regulation requires St.Katharine Docks Practice to ensure that our employees are aware of what personal data we hold on each employee, how we collect that data and with whom it is shared.

The Data Controller is:  Dr Sarit Patel
The Data Protection Officer is:  The Data Protection Officer for Tower Hamlets - dpo.th@nhs.net

Personal information held for each employee consists of your name, date of birth, marital status, National Insurance number, address, contact telephone numbers, your next of kin and a contact number for them, an email address and finally your bank details.

This information is collected at the time you start your employment with St.Katharine Docks Practice. It is written in your Confidential Personnel Record and is held in a locked cabinet in the Practice Manager’s Office.

Your personal information is used solely for the purposes of your employment (for example, your bank details are required in order that we may pay you by electronic banking).

This personal information is shared with the NHS Pensions Agency (or NEST, the workplace pensions provider) in order that pensionable contributions are paid over appropriately.  Please note however, that next of kin details, email addresses and phone numbers are NOT shared with either of these providers.  These are for company use only, i.e. in the event of an emergency when we need to contact your next of kin.

Personal information is NOT shared with anyone else outside of St.Katharine Docks Practice.

You have the right to access this information to ensure that it is accurate.

Please let the Practice Manager know if you would like to do this.

Please inform the Practice Manager if you change your name, address or contact telephone number(s) so that your personnel record may be updated.


Published:  August 2021